The purple thing

It's purple, I got it for one purpose and then used it for another in the end.

The struggle with vulvodynia, for me, is getting things inside of me without upsetting the area and a lot seems to depend on shape and material here. This purple thing, It fits, the silicone isn't upsetting, and it's HEAVY which is a different kind of stimulation than vibration or thrusting or whatever else, and it's not aggravating for me, neat. Do I recommned this thing? Idk, mixed feelings. Maybe there's nicer things? I always felt like it was designed to look french and distignuished rather than to actually work for ppl haha. I do like the hourglassy shape of this particular thing, it can be PAST to part of me that hurts, but I don't like the things that stick out, they are pokey. I should prolly add a link to it, right?